Easy Healthy Tasty

Frequently asked

Who are the authors of Easy Healthy Tasty?

Charity Spalding is an Accredited Practising Dietician and Jennifer Richards is a food writer and researcher. You can read more about them here.

Why did you decide to write a book full of no chop recipes?
We wanted to make home cooking accessible for people who find the physical aspects of cooking difficult. We also know that some people are put off cooking for themselves because of the time and energy that chopping takes. We wanted to make it super-simple for those people to cook at home.
Why is cooking at home important?

Learning to cook simply with fresh ingredients is the key to eating healthy food at the cheapest price. Get a free copy of the book and you’ll be able to read more information about exactly how this works!

Will you write more books?
We’d love to! Contact us and let us know what kinds of recipes you’d like to see in our future books.
This is a great book. Can I share it with my friends?
We know your friends will love the book, but can you share this page with them and ask them to get there free copy from us? This helps us to measure whether or not we are helping the people we set out to help when we wrote the book.
Can I do a bulk order of hard copy books?
Absolutely! We know that this book is useful for schools, hospitals, health workers and disability service providers. So if you are thinking of buying in bulk for your classes, clients or customers, we might be able to offer you a further discount for large orders. Tell us your requirements and ask us how much you can save.

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